Castle Circuit no. 2

This project, is one of North Residential Constructions finest. Sitting perched above the waterways of Sydney’s middle harbor this home is truly unique.

We started planning 6 months prior to commencement on site. During this time, we came up with cost scenarios and engineering solutions to build this 700 m2home to the client’s budget and style. The client wanted a balance of recycled brick, concrete and timber “american oak”. After careful consideration with the Client and the Architect, we agreed on the design and construction methodoly to suit the budget.
This was a new build on a large parcel of sloped land in a battle-ax, which made access very difficult.
We commenced with the construction of a large underground plantroom. The main structure was built out of concrete, with large portions of “off form”, such as the curved balcony edge and the printed rough sawn timber board ceiling in the dining room. Two main internal walls were also left as “off form” walls to create the look requested by the Client – brick vs cement.

The house is heated with an underfloor hydronic system, using sophisticated evacuated tubes for solar contribution and germain designed storage tanks to aid in comfortable living, all year around. Aluminium doors and windows in bronze anodised where used to frame the views to complement the colour pallet. Ordered was made in advance to avoid delays on site. The front door was custom made out of solid oak 3.2m high x 2.0m wide, to create a statement piece in the entry. The curved roof was engineering mastery, constructed with a perimeter steel channel curved off site and craned into position giving the client the modern difference they created in the design process.


The fascia was made out of curved custom folded zinc to protect and add the textured finish. North Residential Constructions built the wet edge pool for this home using Luna Grey natural stone and glass fencing. The internal floors are marble, specifically cut from a Turkish quarry. Again order was done 6 months prior to delivery to make sure there were no delays on site. Cbus was installed to automatically control all lights and blinds throughout the house. Joinery of kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and wardrobes was custom made, mostly from “american oak veneer”. The staircase was handmade out of “american oak”. Keeping the Recycled bricks through the home gave the balance of grey and warmth the owners where searching for.

Overall this project was constructed in just over one year, with very satisfied client

  • David spent considerable amount of time, especially at the beginning of the project reviewing plans and specifications, challenging the architect and the structural engineer on various details and driving improved details design ensuring that those could be actually built. Result of this attention to details was smooth construction process with very few issues during the construction. There were hardly any items which required rebuild or alterations.

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