Julian Street

The Julian Street Project was a knock down and rebuild of an architect designed 3 level home, plus addition of pool and landscaping under a fixed price contract.

Although architect designed there was no architect administration or management of the project so all decisions and communication were direct between builder and owner. This proved to be a time and cost efficient option for both client and builder with exceptional outcomes.

The site was narrow, had limited access, no parking within 50 metres, had many neighbours, required extensive excavation of rock and extensive sub terrain drainage. These challenges were discussed and met early. North Residential Constructions met with neigbours to discuss their concerns about access and noise during the construction. This approach allows fears and frustrations to be aired before they cause neigbourly discontent or costly holdups.

The project made use of a new product called Dincel, a permanent polymer formwork for walls and columns, which when filled with concrete provides an economical, engineered and durable alternative to traditional construction methods. This product was used in the basement walls and all involved spent time educating themselves on the methods used to install Dincel as well as crosschecking that parallel work methods, especially for the sub terrain drainage were compatible and seamless with each other.

The lower level of the residence was constructed of concrete walls and slab with lightweight construction for the upper level. Scyon Matrix Cladding was used throughout. To complement the expressed joints of the Scyon Matrix and ensure a seamless modern finish, setout involved lining up the Scyon Matrix with window frames to achieve a shadow line.

Extremely early pre order of windows ensured a continuous workflow, this involves good planning in construction and in management of trades but provides excellent value in ensuring there is no holdups due to late delivery of windows.

Internally the use of timber and natural stone feature strongly. All finishes were high end, and custom made with minimal tolerance. The look is modern and fresh so attention to detail on all internal finishes was paramount. Full -length mirrors in bathrooms required mirror installation before plastering and tiling to achieve required details. These areas required careful management to ensure integrity of products that are usually installed much closer to completion. Plasterboard finishes were detailed, especially around doors and windows. External doors had sills flush to floor finishes with concealed drains.

North Residential Constructions worked very closely with the client, communicating almost daily, to achieve her desired result.

  • It was an absolute pleasure to deal with North. The process from tender to completion was conducted in a highly professional and organized way. The house was completed way ahead of schedule due to an outstanding work ethic.

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