Victor Road

This home was designed by an award winning Northern Beaches Architect. The original home was a 1950’s red brick bungalow. Much of the original walls and foundations of the home were able to be retained, but a stunning new home, pool and landscaping has been created using modern design and natural materials.

This home shares spectacular views over Dee Why Lagoon and Long Reef Beach with most of its neighbors and as such the maintenance of the view for all to share was considered throughout design and construction. Details such as internal ceiling height, roof pitch, aerial and tree placement were all fundamental in maintaining the view. As this home was one of the first to be renovated in this small cul-de-sac the clients wanted to set a tone for the area and build a home that was sympathetic to its surrounds.

Commercial grade aluminum doors and windows are used throughout the home to capture the views, light and breeze. In order to create large window and door openings to the East a one tonne steel beam was craned over the home into position. A skylight in the ceiling of the second story is cleverly located to bring winter sun into the downstairs south facing lounge and light into the entry and staircase.

The second story is clad with timber. Due to the client’s specific request of a deep brown hardwood timber with little variation in colour, Queensland Spotted Gum was specially sourced and milled in North Queensland.

Random Ashlar Killcare Sandstone which features a split face and a sawn back was used on the front facade. Recycled Sydney Sandstone from a local demolition site was used for the front garden wall and landscaping. To rejuvenate the Sydney Sandstone each piece was refaced and cut. An experienced stone mason was engaged to complete this work.

The limestone ensuite was carefully planed so that full tiles could be used to allow the natural stone to be fully appreciated. This was complemented by the use of Designed Natural Timber Veneer cabinetry which was custom made.

A new outdoor entertaining area featuring a nine metre long suspended concrete terrace, a new pool and pool deck were built to capture the northern sun and eastern views.

Landscaping featuring Australian Natives completes the natural look and feel of this home. During construction two old Banksia trees were removed, these were replaced with two younger and healthier Banksias in the landscaping phase.

  • North Residential Constructions proved to be professional, organized and conscientious builders throughout the project. David Lombardo and his team displayed an enthusiasm and dedication to their work that is rare in the construction industry. They have an excellent team of skilled and professional sub-contractors and maintain a happy and well organized site.

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