Riaan and Jacqui


North Residential Construction was contracted to demolish an existing home and build a new 3 story
home with swimming pool for us in February 2011.

It was an absolute pleasure to deal with North. The process from tender to completion was conducted in
a highly professional and organized way. The house was completed way ahead of schedule due to an
outstanding work ethic and a high level of organization. It was delivered on budget.

North always goes above and beyond what is expected and specified to deliver the best result for the
client. They want to deliver the highest quality product possible, and constantly look at ways to do this.
They challenge you as a client not to accept anything other than the best you can achieve on the budget
agreed on.

North has established a very good relationship with the trades they use, and expect the highest level of
professionalism and service from them. They only use the best subcontractors.

We have built a few houses before with other builders, but what we appreciated the most about dealing
with North is their honesty and integrity, as well as their service ethic. They were always accessible and
willing to listen to us and try and accommodate us.

The finished house is a testament to their attention to detail and their need to deliver the best product
possible on the budget agreed upon.

We would recommend North without hesitation and would use them again.

Yours sincerely

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Sarah and Paul

Dear David,

Having reached completion of our project we owe you our sincere thanks and gratitude, and without reservation wish to commend your services to your prospective clients.

Following the traumatic and very costly collapse of our project, as the original builder breached contract, left errors uncorrected, and declared insolvency, we were fortunate to be introduced to you as we re-tendered for the rehabilitation of our site and to re-commence building.

It was painstaking picking up the pieces of a project gone disastrously wrong, to carefully assess how we might structure the new contract, to work out costing and budget in the face of minimal architectural detail and tight constraints. However, you were unfailingly patient, professional and supportive of this process, and the majority of other builders who tendered did not match these qualities.

Feeling very low and disillusioned with the Building Industry and its regulation at the start, we have been amazed with the outcome you have delivered. We have been impressed with how you have managed each and every step of our build and how that has produced a finished product of great quality. This is especially relevant given we had no architect, minimal detailed drawings and many concerns regarding the work left behind by the original builder!

Future clients should feel reassured that your attention to detail never flags, spanning all phases from site preparation to window cleaning at the end!

Indicative of the excellence of your work, we have also noticed the quality, commitment and integrity of the Tradespeople you have involved in our project. From waterproofers through to painters, tilers and plumbers, everyone was a pleasure to work with.

We believe we have had the surprise and privilege of evolving a very satisfying working relationship with you. Your flexibility around our own work schedules, your ability to communicate so efficiently, whether it is over the phone, electronically or face to face, has made this very easy for us.

We could go on for pages about the details that have made a difference, both on the ground at the site, and in your dealings with our financial arrangements and

Bob & Daniela


Firstly on behalf of Daniela and myself, I want to a sincerely thank you for building our beautiful home and allowing us to thoroughly enjoy the project as it unfolded.

I want to highlight some reasons for our excellent experience in dealing with you.

When we met three years ago you clearly displayed the subject matter expertise required to undertake the demanding and complex job of construction on both a narrow block but also the extra challenge of building on a steeply sloping block.

There were several occasions where you came forward with innovative methods of to make significant cost savings whilst staying aligned with the architects plans and also being compliant with the tight planning guidelines from Warringah Council. Two such examples were

  • adjusting the step sequence across a total of forty steps coming up the block, also at an early stage of the building by using the cut to create a slope for the trades and other deliveries to make an additional 30metre gain to the main building section. This alone saved countless doubling handing of materials and also a significant saving in man-hour labour and likely a saving in breakages.

Throughout the entire engagement which would be approximately three years in total by including the long preparatory and planning stage we always found you to be very courteous, engaging, honest innovative and always a pleasure to deal with. This was underlined when you wrote letters to neighbors in the street advising them the building works would be commencing and that this would cause some noise and disruption to street access. We had feedback from multiple neighbors that they had never experienced such professionalism before from a service provider, they were very impressed. A very strong relationship which you built led to the immediate neighbor offering full use of their adjoining driveway and garden access to make it easier for the carriage of product to site.

There were a few occasions where things didn’t go as planned, examples being the extra depth of piles required and also the extra depth of rock removal that required excavation for the detached garage – you did a great job of managing this and helping us get through a costly and challenging stage in the most economically viable way.

Having been involved myself on long, complex and high budget projects the comparison of the overall project management was second to none, you did an excellent job accurately tracking hundreds of line items of stock, varying additional staff costs, multiple labour rates, time-lines etc. This gave Daniela and I great confidence throughout the job that enabled us to tightly control and work to our budget knowing that there would be no sudden surprises.

We understand that you incurred significant risk and cost by investing in our project and that tendering for large projects requires a significant up front investment both in terms of money and time – we are very glad you took the risk and decided to invest in our project.

During the defects period there were two occasions when we called upon you, once for an electrical issue and once for a plumbing related issues. You demonstrated an exceptional level of customer service by responding immediately and coming to site within less than an hour with the appropriate trade staff. We remain impressed at to that point have handed your contact details to two other personal friends who are also embarking upon building projects, we understand one of them is in discussions with you about their project requirements, all the best with securing that project.

Upon the many site visits we both made it was evident that you demonstrate leadership skills and are a great role model for your team – the other members of the team respect and look up to you and also follow your core values – honesty, hard-working, respectfulness and willingness to get things done to overcome challenges.

So all up, thanks David, you have been great and should be very proud of what you have achieved here at 3 Painters Parade. Anytime you would like a reference – hand out this letter, if required give the contact Daniela or my phone number as we would be only to happy to share our experience.

All the best to you and team in growing your business.


Bob & Daniela  Painters Parade Dee Why

Maarit and Janne

To whom it may concern,

We were introduced to David by our solicitor after first builder we contracted was not able to build our project as planned and terminated the contract.

From the first meeting we got the impression that David pays lot of attention to details, asked good questions and had interesting proposals regarding our project. He was also willing to try a new cost plus contract method which was different that normally used in the industry.

The site for the project was pretty challenging with 18 meters height difference between west and east end of the plot. Before project start David noticed some cracks on earlier excavated land fill and after geotech investigation it became obvious we had to start the project with a retaining wall construction. David did an excellent job on presenting various wall construction options and running the tendering process with different vendors.

We were looking for a European style home with proper insulation, double glazed windows and heating to provide nice and comfortable home also during the winter. Our project included steel frame construction with concrete slabs with Hydronic under floor heating on both levels.

Throughout the construction process David was open for new concepts, provided good suggestions and solutions for challenges we faced and had really open and honest communication.

For major trades we agreed to have three competitive quotes and final selection was done together with David. He did an excellent job on gathering quotes from different trades, keeping the project on time schedule, ensuring matching scopes on different quotes and driving competitive pricing from the trades.

David spent considerable amount of time, especially at the beginning of the project reviewing plans and specifications, challenging the architect and the structural engineer on various details and driving improved details design ensuring that those could be actually built. Result of this
attention to details was smooth construction process with very few issues during the construction. There were hardly any items which required rebuild or alterations.

Project was finished ahead of initially agreed schedule despite of the timing consuming process with retaining wall and delays caused by wet weather at the beginning.

We have been living in our new home now 6 months and we are extremely happy with the result. The house has been build with good quality, attention to the details and keeping mind easy maintenance. The few small defects we have had so far were all corrected with timely manner and with good quality.

We are happy to recommend David and North Residential Construction especially challenging projects were owners would like to be involved on the project and want to have constant dialog with the builder.

Thank You, David.

Kind Regards,
Maarit and Janne

Richard Cole, Richard Cole Architecture Pty Ltd

To Whom It May Concern,

I worked with David Lombardo of North Residential Constructions as the builder of major alterations and additions to a residence at 121 Victor Street, Dee Why.

Richard Cole Architecture designed and documented the project, which was completed in 2010.  Construction required major renovation of the existing building including demolition of the majority of the existing brick building, excavation for a swimming pool, construction of a boundary retaining wall, a two storey timber and masonry construction with steel and timber framed upper floors and a steel and timber framed Colorbond roof.

The building features a tectonic design with a façade combining natural materials such as sandstone, hardwood cladding, galvanized miniorb, hardwood sunscreens and a generous, sheltering skillion roof.

North Residential Constructions proved to be professional, organized and conscientious builders throughout the project.  David Lombardo and his team displayed an enthusiasm and dedication to their work that is rare in the construction industry.  They have an excellent team of skilled and professional sub-contractors and maintain a happy and well organized site.

I found the workmanship at 121 Victor Street, Dee Why to be of a very high quality.  David showed a strong understanding of the design intent and was dedicated to the resolution and implementation of fine detailing.  The construction was completed in a timely manner.

North Residential Constructions showed a high level of expertise including a broad and up to date knowledge of building techniques, materials and methods.  They maintained rigorous levels of quality control throughout the project.  David is a pleasure to deal with and is always well mannered, courteous, calm and professional.

I have no hesitation in supporting David Lombardo and North Residential Constructions and would hope to be able to use them on future projects.

Yours faithfully,

RICHARD COLE  B . S C ( A r c h ) ( H o n s 1 ) B . A r c h ( H o n s 1 ) R . A . I . A