Bob & Daniela


Firstly on behalf of Daniela and myself, I want to a sincerely thank you for building our beautiful home and allowing us to thoroughly enjoy the project as it unfolded.

I want to highlight some reasons for our excellent experience in dealing with you.

When we met three years ago you clearly displayed the subject matter expertise required to undertake the demanding and complex job of construction on both a narrow block but also the extra challenge of building on a steeply sloping block.

There were several occasions where you came forward with innovative methods of to make significant cost savings whilst staying aligned with the architects plans and also being compliant with the tight planning guidelines from Warringah Council. Two such examples were

  • adjusting the step sequence across a total of forty steps coming up the block, also at an early stage of the building by using the cut to create a slope for the trades and other deliveries to make an additional 30metre gain to the main building section. This alone saved countless doubling handing of materials and also a significant saving in man-hour labour and likely a saving in breakages.

Throughout the entire engagement which would be approximately three years in total by including the long preparatory and planning stage we always found you to be very courteous, engaging, honest innovative and always a pleasure to deal with. This was underlined when you wrote letters to neighbors in the street advising them the building works would be commencing and that this would cause some noise and disruption to street access. We had feedback from multiple neighbors that they had never experienced such professionalism before from a service provider, they were very impressed. A very strong relationship which you built led to the immediate neighbor offering full use of their adjoining driveway and garden access to make it easier for the carriage of product to site.

There were a few occasions where things didn’t go as planned, examples being the extra depth of piles required and also the extra depth of rock removal that required excavation for the detached garage – you did a great job of managing this and helping us get through a costly and challenging stage in the most economically viable way.

Having been involved myself on long, complex and high budget projects the comparison of the overall project management was second to none, you did an excellent job accurately tracking hundreds of line items of stock, varying additional staff costs, multiple labour rates, time-lines etc. This gave Daniela and I great confidence throughout the job that enabled us to tightly control and work to our budget knowing that there would be no sudden surprises.

We understand that you incurred significant risk and cost by investing in our project and that tendering for large projects requires a significant up front investment both in terms of money and time – we are very glad you took the risk and decided to invest in our project.

During the defects period there were two occasions when we called upon you, once for an electrical issue and once for a plumbing related issues. You demonstrated an exceptional level of customer service by responding immediately and coming to site within less than an hour with the appropriate trade staff. We remain impressed at to that point have handed your contact details to two other personal friends who are also embarking upon building projects, we understand one of them is in discussions with you about their project requirements, all the best with securing that project.

Upon the many site visits we both made it was evident that you demonstrate leadership skills and are a great role model for your team – the other members of the team respect and look up to you and also follow your core values – honesty, hard-working, respectfulness and willingness to get things done to overcome challenges.

So all up, thanks David, you have been great and should be very proud of what you have achieved here at 3 Painters Parade. Anytime you would like a reference – hand out this letter, if required give the contact Daniela or my phone number as we would be only to happy to share our experience.

All the best to you and team in growing your business.


Bob & Daniela  Painters Parade Dee Why