Maarit and Janne

To whom it may concern,

We were introduced to David by our solicitor after first builder we contracted was not able to build our project as planned and terminated the contract.

From the first meeting we got the impression that David pays lot of attention to details, asked good questions and had interesting proposals regarding our project. He was also willing to try a new cost plus contract method which was different that normally used in the industry.

The site for the project was pretty challenging with 18 meters height difference between west and east end of the plot. Before project start David noticed some cracks on earlier excavated land fill and after geotech investigation it became obvious we had to start the project with a retaining wall construction. David did an excellent job on presenting various wall construction options and running the tendering process with different vendors.

We were looking for a European style home with proper insulation, double glazed windows and heating to provide nice and comfortable home also during the winter. Our project included steel frame construction with concrete slabs with Hydronic under floor heating on both levels.

Throughout the construction process David was open for new concepts, provided good suggestions and solutions for challenges we faced and had really open and honest communication.

For major trades we agreed to have three competitive quotes and final selection was done together with David. He did an excellent job on gathering quotes from different trades, keeping the project on time schedule, ensuring matching scopes on different quotes and driving competitive pricing from the trades.

David spent considerable amount of time, especially at the beginning of the project reviewing plans and specifications, challenging the architect and the structural engineer on various details and driving improved details design ensuring that those could be actually built. Result of this
attention to details was smooth construction process with very few issues during the construction. There were hardly any items which required rebuild or alterations.

Project was finished ahead of initially agreed schedule despite of the timing consuming process with retaining wall and delays caused by wet weather at the beginning.

We have been living in our new home now 6 months and we are extremely happy with the result. The house has been build with good quality, attention to the details and keeping mind easy maintenance. The few small defects we have had so far were all corrected with timely manner and with good quality.

We are happy to recommend David and North Residential Construction especially challenging projects were owners would like to be involved on the project and want to have constant dialog with the builder.

Thank You, David.

Kind Regards,
Maarit and Janne