Sarah and Paul

Dear David,

Having reached completion of our project we owe you our sincere thanks and gratitude, and without reservation wish to commend your services to your prospective clients.

Following the traumatic and very costly collapse of our project, as the original builder breached contract, left errors uncorrected, and declared insolvency, we were fortunate to be introduced to you as we re-tendered for the rehabilitation of our site and to re-commence building.

It was painstaking picking up the pieces of a project gone disastrously wrong, to carefully assess how we might structure the new contract, to work out costing and budget in the face of minimal architectural detail and tight constraints. However, you were unfailingly patient, professional and supportive of this process, and the majority of other builders who tendered did not match these qualities.

Feeling very low and disillusioned with the Building Industry and its regulation at the start, we have been amazed with the outcome you have delivered. We have been impressed with how you have managed each and every step of our build and how that has produced a finished product of great quality. This is especially relevant given we had no architect, minimal detailed drawings and many concerns regarding the work left behind by the original builder!

Future clients should feel reassured that your attention to detail never flags, spanning all phases from site preparation to window cleaning at the end!

Indicative of the excellence of your work, we have also noticed the quality, commitment and integrity of the Tradespeople you have involved in our project. From waterproofers through to painters, tilers and plumbers, everyone was a pleasure to work with.

We believe we have had the surprise and privilege of evolving a very satisfying working relationship with you. Your flexibility around our own work schedules, your ability to communicate so efficiently, whether it is over the phone, electronically or face to face, has made this very easy for us.

We could go on for pages about the details that have made a difference, both on the ground at the site, and in your dealings with our financial arrangements and